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Powered by entrepreneurship, fueled by a cause

They have an entrepreneurial mindset, consistently indulging in productive thinking and innovation. And they also have social cause at heart. They have that burning desire to make a change, often having been through that situation. They understand the situation and feel the problem.

Laying the foundation to a great organization

They work hard to lay down the foundation that’ll lead to their social startup. They work on their experiences, pool together resources at their disposal, and begin. They bring together like-minded people, additional resources, reach out to other similar setups. They work day in and day out to make a difference. And one day, the whole world looks up to what they create- an organization so powerful, so virtuous, so upright.

Looking up at what has been a startup in their cradle, they feel a sense of fulfillment. But they don’t stop there. They keep giving their best to their creation and work for the betterment of it.

Steering clear of that cloud of doubts

They go through it. They go around it. But they never stop with it.

When faced with doubts, when looked down upon by people around, when seen as wasting their time, they keep their calm. Because deep down, they know what they’re doing and most importantly, WHY THEY’RE DOING IT. They believe in the power of their idea. But they are practical too. They know what’s feasible and thus build ideas keeping feasibility in mind.

They’re not easily distracted by . Even if they face doubts, they are so intact that they go to the roots of it and eliminate it from there.

Their guiding light- the cause they stood up for.

Building team, not just an idea

They hold their idea dear. But they also understand that the cause they are working for is bigger than mere one man’s idea. They don’t force their idea on others but accommodate them. They work for the cause and have a collaborative approach to adopt best possible solutions. They want the cause to be addressed, the problems to be solved.

Ideas are mere ways for them to fulfill it.

And yes, they acknowledge the person from whom the idea comes from. Celebrate it.


The delegation games

Delegation is an important task that’s hard to master but plays a vital role in any field of life.

And when it comes to social entrepreneurship, it’s a must-have feather in the entrepreneur’s cap.

People often face the issue and the dilemma of delegating the work. Maybe due to lack of confidence on the team, or sense of superiority and being a one-man army. Even in the normal setting.

Now imagine how hard it would be to delegate tasks the incentives are faintly present, or completely absent even. Often in the due course, there could be situations where social startups work without pay or incentives. How do they keep people motivated to work for the greater good? That’s the art of delegation mastered by a social entrepreneur.

Keeping cool, even when things get hot

Social entrepreneurship is a difficult road to tread upon. Lack of team support, lack of shared vision, problems with funding. They don’t get bogged down by these hurdles. They keep moving towards the goal and solve these problems using their entrepreneurial instincts.

After all, they are true entrepreneurs at heart.

They’re adventurous too… But they don’t perform mission drifts

Yepp… They stay focussed on working for the cause, nurturing the startup so that it can grow up to fulfill its destiny. And while doing so, they do not divert from their mission. They can modify and diversify their approach, but the end goal remains the same.

Even if they drift, they correct their course to get back on track.

Funding- No hurry!

They don’t rush for funding. They wait for the right time. But the biggest issue that they face? It’s lack of investors’ interests in a social startup. Most investors are unable to see the good cause and are mainly interested in the ROI and profitability.

But that’s okay, as there are companies which do fund these startups. Even governments provide startups with funding. What more, the startups today have one of the most used and reachable platform.

Any guesses??

It’s crowdfunding.

Apart from these, they can participate in various competitions to get funding and fixed capital prizes.

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