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Partner so nice, partner for life!

It’s very crucial to find a co-founder with whom you can share your vision, who understands the idea, the cause, and the commitment that’ll be required. This stands true for the mainstream entrepreneurship as well. If you plan to have a co-founder, plan it well, and make sure you know that person. Like, know him/her really, REALLY WELL.

Also, having a co-founder; rather, having the right co-founder is extremely important. A co-founder, who can motivate you, who be straight forward to you, who can guide you if you lose the light. And this is something that exists in a symbiotic form, a mutual relationship, of friendship, trust, and shared vision.

Challenging, and breaking the status quo

They do it with class.

They challenge the existing norms that are in conflict with their vision and moral. They break the status quo, and they show to the world that just because something has been going since long need not be right. They touch people’s lives by helping them realize the alternate and better perspective by sharing their vision.

High on ethics

Ethics. Moral. Dignity. Righteousness. Pride.

These are not mere words that are there in their dictionary. True social entrepreneurs live by these words. They are ready to struggle, they are ready to sleep by the road, they are ready to spend time in the jungles. But they never compromise with their moral and ethical ground. They see the purity of the cause, the potential in their vision, and believe firmly in it.

These people are high on life, and they’re high on ethics, for they have found the meaning of their existence.

Walking that extra mile

They are ready to give up their luxury go beyond what normal people could even comprehend. They ae ready to do everything within their capacity, or even go beyond. The underlying condition, however, is that their moral compass should not go frenzy.

Well… We talked at length about their characteristics. However, there are people who often supposedly enter social entrepreneurship believing their cause is right.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

However, such people should keep in mind the risks involved, clarity of what sacrifices they’ll have to make, and commitment and tenacity needed to continue on that path.

We have identified 6 of the wrong reasons for people often venture into the social side of the entrepreneurship.

Let’s explore them.

Career stuck in the BORE-ville

Do you believe you have a monotonous life? Or fed up with following the same routine again and again.

Want to change the monotone? Want to go to Africa and help people with


Social entrepreneurship is not for you. The very simple fact- you have the wrong reasons (The cause could be right although.) to enter the arena.

You can do that as part of your holiday, or while taking a break. But social entrepreneurship is no funny business, where you go and click selfies. You work day and night without giving a damn about a selfie, or even a normal photograph.

So think again.

Just another gig!

Social entrepreneurship is NOT just another gig. It’s not something you do to diversify your portfolio of startups. It’s not something that you can start and sell later if you think you can’t do it anymore.

That’ll be doing injustice to that cause, to the belief of people who come together. More importantly, it’ll be an injustice to the people who are directly connected with the cause.

So if it’s just another gig for you, I’d request you not to proceed.

Look cool and click selfies

Got enough money that you don’t know where to put in? Want to look cool and be in the limelight for the good work that you do?

Sorry dude, but not cool. That’ll be NOT cool for the cause, as somewhere down the line, you’ll drift from the mission.

If you want to be in the limelight, you can, however, invest in social startups with strong convictions, who’ll work dedicatedly for the cause.

Lack courage, conviction and the moral compass

Just don’t. If you lack these, social entrepreneurship won’t be the right path for you to choose.


Guilt is a major factor that’d often make you take up a cause and gear up to become a social entrepreneur.

But that guilt factor will never go away.

Due to this diverted mind of gauging the work with the weight of the guilt you carry, you won’t be able to focus on the cause. YOu won’t be able to do justice to the cause.

Don’t have clarity of vision

If you can’t establish clear vision, if you can’t steer your course towards it, social entrepreneurship is not something that you should pick. This is because in such case, it’ll be easy for you to sway away from the path.

Know all the stakeholders- direct and indirect

You understand what is at stake, and who are the stakeholders who’ll be affected by the consequences of your entrepreneurial roller-coaster. If not, don’t start.

So that’s all with our list.

Do you agree? Or have any additional points that you’d like to add? Or feel something is not right with this list?

Let us know in the comments.

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