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You Get Painkillers!

We don’t believe in writers writing the stories. All the stories are written by entrepreneurs like you. So, you get the actual solution that they implemented.

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We allow global subscription so that you don’t need worry about buying a new one for your iPad or iPhone.

Featured Interviews

All of our issues have a featured interview with a proven entrepreneur. We have asked exactly those questions which you have in your mind.

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Where can I download the I Innovate magazine app?

You can download the app from Apple Appstore if you’re using an iOS device or Google Playstore if you’re using an Android device

Do we offer printed version?

No, it will take approx. one tree to print one hundred issues and it will take zero tree to download one hundred digital issues. We hope that you don’t mind saving precious trees.

Can I buy a subscription to I Innovate magazine on the iPad?

You can buy it either on the website, iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. The magazine will be synced to all the registered devices. However, you need to sign in to access the magazine to all the devices.

Can I share the digital issue with friends?

You can share snippets from the app. You cannot share the entire magazine.

Will new digital issues automatically download to my iPad when they become available?

No, you need to download the latest issues from the app because there are some restrictions that Apple and Google have put. But to make things simpler, we’ll send you a push notification whenever a new issue is live.

How can I cancel the subscription?

Here are the steps, tap on Settings app, scroll and tap on Store, scroll down and tap on your Apple ID, then tap on ‘View Apple ID’, enter your password, scroll down and tap on manage in the Subscriptions section, you will see your Magazine subscriptions, tap on the one you want to cancel. Your current subscription details will be shown, turn auto-renewal to OFF.

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